Ep. 64 - Adrian Barker 2 (Bark & Jack)

I could easily talk to most guests on the podcast for far longer than these episodes allow, and no one sits in the category more than Adrian Barker, and that’s exactly why he is the first guest to be on the show for a second time. The first part of this episode was truly just us catching up and I wasn’t going to leave it in, but when editing our conversation, I felt there was a very honest sense of vulnerability that inspired me to include it in the post. Given the fact neither of us are natural self-promoters in this age of “Look at me”, I wanted to share it as I hope it will help others know they’re not alone in their hesitations. We have an incredible amount of overlap when it comes to the ways we view the world of business and as you’ll find in this episode, the ways we view the world on a personal level, as well. Happiness is something we all strive for, and Adrian and I discuss the process of finding it. We take it a step further by identifying how happiness relates to luxury watches, and things that are otherwise characterized as materialistic. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know Adrian more and more, and it’s fairly obvious given the amount of laughter in this episode, and it was really great to swap stories and experiences as we dive deeper into his Ecommerce business and his overall growth as a content creator. Adrian’s just as real as it gets, and this is exactly why I know we could’ve easily made this episode 3 hours. But a condensed round 2 will have to do for now.