Ep. 67 - Jason Heaton (Writer/Author HODINKEE / Host Grey Nato Podcast)

Chances are good if you’re listening to this you also listen to The Grey Nato podcast which today’s guest co-hosts alongside friend and former guest, James Stacey. He’s also a longtime contributor for Hodinkee, a Gear Patrol alum, and officially the first Hodinkee editor to be featured on Talking Watches. Of course I’m talking about Mr. Jason Heaton. I’m such a fan of his pragmatic approach to life and all of the above only support my admiration. This conversation was a fun one. We of course talk watches and gear, but we delve into the reasons why we enjoy what we like, and even to my surprise, we take several minutes going deep on the manufacturing process of Oreo cookies. Yes, Oreo cookies. Jason truly is “more than meets the eye” and I was excited to get a peek behind the curtain of his book, “Depth Charge” a fiction novel released 4 months ago and available through his website & the Hodinkee shop. Needless to say, I was thrilled to have Jason on the show and we wrap things up with a tiny bit of travel advice and a shout out segment to his wife Gishani who is awesome in her own right.