Ep. 70 - Mark Greene (Cars Yeah Podcast)

Mark Greene and I have a ton in common. We have ties to San Diego - he was born here whereas I relocated here, we’re both Porsche fanatics, we both have sales and retail blood running through our veins, and we both host podcasts. In fact, Mark was kind enough to host me on his podcast, Cars Yeah, as his 1,899th guest. Clearly Mark’s been at the podcast game a lot longer than I have, so I certainly appreciate his professionalism, but it was his upbringing and his career that led me to want to return the favor. Mark shares how important family is as well as some really wonderful insights on how to keep one’s family together and at peace…something never really explored on this podcast before. We chat about guitars & music, how he scraped together the money to buy his first Schwinn bicycle, and of course we chat about Porsche - Mark has in fact owned 12 throughout his automotive journey. We wrap things up with what would be his ideal road trip, so stay tuned for that.