Ep. 71 - Dan Quigley (Art / The Armoury New York)

His older friends know him as DQ, but Dan Quigley has deeply evolved from his tagging days of two-letter graffiti. I met him 3 years ago where he was working at the Duane street location of The Armoury, however, you will now find him managing the newest location uptown on Madison Avenue. We talk about Dan’s youth in what was a crime-ridden Brooklyn, creating art while his father was trying to stop it - though not Dan’s - he was actually proud of Dan’s. We get into some music chat by way of his experience playing bass and the bands he’ll always love. And of course we talk about what brought us together as friends, which is our mutual appreciation for the retail industry. We dip a toe into Dan’s relationship with depression and how he’s manifested a grateful life full of optimism, love and compassion (my words not his because this is how I see & know Dan) and also the wonderful second coming of his art career…because it’s far outstretched the characterization of “Hobby.” I absolutely love what he’s doing. In fact I recently purchased my first pieces from him and I can’t wait to receive it. This one was an absolute pleasure.