Ep. 72 - Ashley Reed

Ashley Reed has been a good friend of mine since I moved to California in 2007. In fact we moved within several weeks of one another. I moved from Raleigh whereas she moved from New York City and shared an apartment with former STANDARD H Podcast guest Jensen Reed, who happens to be her brother. We all became fast friends, and the past 14+ years have been an amazing ride for Ashley. She’s one of the smartest, most articulate people I know, she’s had one heck of a career working her way up through some of the largest players in their respective space. I’m talking about companies like the NBA, Major League Soccer, iHeart Media and then a little company called Amazon. She speaks multiple languages, has traveled all over the world, and most recently, Ashley launched her business focused on Transformational Teaching focused on High Performers. I love what she’s doing which a major component involves turning your needs into your wants to get better, feel better and be a better you. Check it out!