Ep. 75 - Ron Thurston (Retail Pride)

Today hosts Ron Thurston: a career retail professional who recently released his first book, Retail Pride. I know that we first connected via LinkedIn but I have no idea how that happened if I’m honest. Regardless I chalk it up to be under the umbrella of what’s meant to be will be as Ron and I have become fast friends. Ron’s retail knowledge actually began in his youth when he started learning the ins and outs of leading with empathy from his grandfather who built grocery stores and later became the CEO of Safeway. Ron and I chat about the misconception that many retail workers are underachievers when in fact they’re the opposite, and how great leadership is most often orchestrated through personal connection as opposed to a relationship with what’s being sold. We later discuss Ron’s incredible journey with a litany of industry-leading & industry-changing brands and how they’re different, but that isn’t before we discuss his learning to drive manual in a truck and his attendance of Ford V8 conventions. He quite literally learned to drive stick on a STANDARD H! I thoroughly enjoyed learning about his experience, expertise, and sharing the idea that you don’t need to change just because the product does. This one’s for all you retail heads out there, and do stay tuned for Ron’s tour he embarks on very soon. Be sure to pick up Retail Pride wherever books are sold, and as always, thank you so much for listening.