Ep. 76 - Ken Jacobs (Wanna Buy a Watch)

Today’s guest is the founder of a company many of you watch fans have heard of time and again, and my history with Ken Jacobs spans the better part of 10 or so years. So this conversation was a fun version of memory lane to take a stroll down, which we do just that out of the gate. The recording of this episode also happened to fall on the day I took delivery of my 5513 Submariner - a watch I consider to be my grail Sub. Ken does not come from a watch background, in fact, he had an entirely different career prior to starting Wanna Buy a Watch. More on that in the chat, and it was fun to dive deep into his history with time pieces, and how he became one of the preeminent dealers of pre-owned and vintage watches selling to many of the watch collectors with whom you and I are surely quite familiar. Something that seems to run in the Wanna Buy A Watch Family is a sense of humor. The store is a warm embrace, and as we sat in the living room-like section in the front, a lot of laughing took place and Ken was nothing shy of a great host. Needless to say, we take some twists and turns, including some neon clock discussion. Ken offers a wonderful glimpse into his life and I can’t thank him enough for his candor. As a result I didn’t edit much at all out of this conversation - mainly because I feel it really gives you a sense of who Ken is and his delivery which I love. At the end of the day, he just wants to get great watches into the hands of great people, and I think that’s why we keep coming back. If you haven’t visited Ken and his team there on Melrose, I highly recommend it.