Ep. 77 - Charles Stanley (Rotor Supply)

Charles Stanley is one of the more energetic, positive people I know. He and I first connected over Instagram to later meet in person for the first time, where else than Luftgekuhlt. Charles and I quickly bonded over our love of cars as well as cycling. We both used to race mountain bikes in the 90’s - he at a much higher level than I ever did, and we still chat about bikes and riding through our DMs and text which is always fun. What I love about doing these podcasts with friends is they inevitably unearth information I didn’t know previously. Such is the case when Charles began talking about his younger days rock climbing in the New River Gorge and then opening an outdoor store! His first car was a good one, and from a lineage standpoint, a perfect compliment to what he currently drives on the rallies he organizes called Targa Carolina. That car, a backdated 911 occupies several minutes, as Charles is effectively associated with his car and vice versa, so it was great to explore the car’s history and details. Charles and I, of course, get into some watch talk which opens the door to discuss his company, Rotor Supply. This episode almost couldn’t be more on par with what STANDARD H stands for, so this was incredibly fun.