Ep. 80 - Ben Tarlow (Morton Street Partners)

Ben Tarlow has a history with vintage cars unlike most who’ve been on this podcast. He and I were introduced by friend of the show, Kyle Snarr, and we hit it off immediately. We were less than 5 minutes in, when I learned about Ben’s family business - one I’ve been familiar with, as well as a big fan of for decades! Ben decided to go in a different direction, professionally, however, and began his vintage car import business. Primarily dealing with Alfa Romeos in the greater New York area for several years, it wasn’t until the Pandemic that he formed Morton Street Partners alongside two friends. Located in NYC’s West Village, Ben and his partners have created something rather unique that blends cars, art and commerce like I’ve never seen before, and at the root of the operation lies inclusion and growing collector communities which I find to be really inspiring. This was a super fun, and fairly concise conversation, so I’m excited not only to share it with you, but also for the prospect of following up with the guys at MSP very soon.