Ep. 81 - Atom Moore (Horological Photographer)

Atom Moore and I met several years ago during my first visit to Analog Shift when they were still in their WeWork space. I didn’t realize we hadn’t seen one another since until we connected for this podcast. Strange how time flies. Atom and I are of a similar age, so naturally, we share a lot of the same memories of growing up as teenagers in the 90s. We both devoted a ton of time and energy to the early days of the mountain biking as well as shared an affinity for bands like Metallica. Today, Atom is a professional photographer, primarily acting as a freelancer for Watch brands and companies within the Watch industry. He’s gained quite the following and admiration due to his incredible macro photography of some of the most sought after time pieces many of us adore. I certainly encourage you to check out Atom’s work as he often partners with the likes of Vacheron, Grand Seiko, and a couple of former brands hosted right here in Autodromo and Brew Watches. However, alongside the stills of close-up content, Atom also shoots video and gives us a wonderful explanation why. This was a fun conversation as Atom takes us down the road of how he grew his appreciation for the medium of photography and walks us through his approach to some his more abstract horological art pieces. We wrap things up of course with some car talk and Atom shared stories of his latest acquisition featuring its own Instagram account so stay tuned for that.