Ep. 85 - Brett King (Helmet Painter/Bespoke Design Studio)

Brett King and I met roughly 6 years ago through golf in a roundabout way. I used to manage the Scotty Cameron Gallery in Encinitas, California and Brett was a customer. Funny, I have met so many wonderful people working retail and many of my best friends to this day have come into my life the same way Brett did. After chatting about putters and accessories, I later found out Brett designed helmets for race car drivers - something that intrigued me given I was about a year into starting STANDARD H as a side hustle. We immediately clicked and much like STANDARD H, Brett’s path has taken some twists and turns. We start our conversation somewhat existentially, and Brett allows a glimpse into his art background and how he maintains his artistry within an industry that’s beginning to use more and more technology as opposed to his handmade approach to helmet graphics. Brett and I had actually recorded during the Pandemic, but we encountered some audio issues - twice, in fact - so it was only fair for me to make my way to his current home town of Las Vegas where we recorded. Making things even more fun, we got out for a round of golf earlier that afternoon with his awesome wife, Tiffany, and my buddy Jonathan. We had a blast and I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation, and I think you will, too.