Ep. 84 - James Lamdin 2 (Car Talk with the Founder of Analog Shift)

I can’t stress how wonderful the world of watches has been and the people I’ve met through the hobby. Today's guest has become a great friend over the years and I love any opportunity I can get to hang out with him and at the very least talk to him. James Lamdin is a big personality usually comprised of a big smile, fun energy and never short of an opinion and I absolutely adore this about him. We share a love for Aloha shirts, so it’s always great knowing I have a botanical brother from another mother on the east coast. The Watch Journey is something many of you are familiar with, but I’d like to explore people’s car journeys as well! A couple of months ago, I reached out to James and asked if he’d want to come back on the show and just talk about cars. He quickly replied with an emphatic yes and, well, here we are! Today’s episode is nothing more than a fun catch-up session with a wander through the list of cars James has owned as well as the ones he still garages today. And if you lived in the 80’s, be prepared for some significant standouts from television. I’m so thankful for his friendship, and if you haven’t heard episode # 8, check that out after this, as I’m confident you’ll enjoy it. For now, here’s the most recent conversation I’ve had with James which also includes his latest Doxa release.