Ep. 87 - Justin Hast (Watch Writer / Content Creator)

Justin Hast and I connected over Instagram - I know, big surprise isn’t it? He & I would share the occasional DM but nothing too in-depth. I kindly asked if he’d be interested in being a guest and if you follow Justin, he responded exactly the way you’d think: with a ton of enthusiasm and appreciation…not unlike his approach to his content creation. And as two enthusiastic individuals, I can assure you this conversation jumps around like none before and I had an absolute blast. As a result, it ran longer than many, as well, which is nothing more than a testament to perhaps how much longer this chat could’ve been! We talk about Justin’s approach to story telling, his approach to watches, and well, really his approach to life. His optimism is infectious and I couldn’t wait to be reassured that it’s all honest and real - and Justin does not let us down! We talk golf and end up discussing a watch that’s due to arrive soon - a glimpse behind the curtain he typically doesn’t allow. In fact, we dig deep on watch ownership and what it’s like to “break up” with a watch. I was incredibly grateful to host Justin, and perhaps needless to say, I’m excited to share this one with you. I hope you enjoy it half as much as I did.