Ep. 88 - Andy Green (OT: The Podcast)

Many of you perhaps listen to today’s guest’s show, as well. Andy Green is far more than the co-host of Australia’s OT Podcast, and with as many cookie jars he has his hand in, I was delighted to find out how close he keeps all of his worlds of interest. We discuss the country music scene and what makes it so popular, including Australia’s Ute scene which hosts models costing 200 & 300,000 dollars! Andy and I are both fans of the GTI, and he gives us a glimpse into his latest automotive purchase, and then takes us through his early days of watches, including the bridge from G Shocks to purchasing his first micro brand powered by an automatic movement. It was soon after that Andy was seated next to none other than Time & Tide’s Andrew McUtchen on a flight which opened the door to Andy’s journalism career. The OT Podcast was born from weekly conversations Andy had with his then co-worker and friend, Felix Scholz. Now co-hosts, the podcast is now a money-making show surrounding the world of watches. They’ve had some heavy hitters, and some smaller guests such as yours truly, which I’m certainly grateful for. Andy has managed to still maintain his day job working in Marketing for an electronics company, so needless to say, the man’s full of hustle. We discuss pizza fairly in-depth, as well as Andy’s switch to a plant-based diet. We wrap things up, naturally, with some more watch talk - both OT’s anOrdain Special Editions as well as the current state of the market. I hope you enjoy this episode with one of the nicest guys in the game.