Ep. 95 - Nick Federowicz (Ad Patina)

Nick Federowicz has a role within the Watch community that is unlike any other. If you’re not familiar with him as a person, perhaps you’ve heard of his company, Ad Patina. That’s right, Nick doesn’t sell watches, or watch straps, or even watch pouches. He sells vintage magazine ads which highlight some of the most iconic watches ever produced. I think it’s fair to say the watch industry (along with the car industry) has produced some of the most whimsical & thought-provoking, if not provocative ads over the last 50+ years, and Nick has brought them to offices around the world…framed and beautifully-displayed. When I attended Windup Watch Fair in Chicago, Nick and I decided to meet before one of the show days to record since it would be the first time for both of us not only meeting in person, but also exhibiting at a show. I’ve bought from Nick, as perhaps have many of you, because he treasure hunts to find old ads and present them as art, which is something I’ve enjoyed buying to pair with the pieces in my own collection. I wanted learn more about Nick and how he goes about his operation of Ad Patina, and since I had never heard him on another podcast, I wanted to share his story with you. I really love his perspective, how he got into collecting ads, how he sets his prices, and how he embraces the challenges of running his business. I hope you enjoy it.