Ep. 97 - Nic Mulflur (MacKenzie Golf Bags)

Nic Mulflur and I met mainly due to me being a golf nut. I knew about MacKenzie golf bags, the old school-looking leather bags most similar to a modern day “Sunday Bag” or pencil bag meant for carrying while walking a course. I didn’t know a ton about the history of the company so I did what I often do, and I cold-called the company via email and asked if they’d be interested in being on the podcast. If you don’t ask, you don’t get, ammiright?! Sure enough, Nic agreed after replying asking to have an introductory phone chat which served as perhaps a more appropriate meet-and-greet. I remember that phone conversation very well, because I was on one of my drives to Los Angeles for some product meetings and I noted how young this CEO sounded. Not to speak for Nic, but we got on like a house on fire and I’m super stoked to now have him in my list of contacts. I had a blast during this conversation where I learned a much more detailed version of Mackenzie’s origin story & their approach to some of the coolest golf bags money can buy. I thoroughly enjoy the fact his Dad was so enthusiastic about the brand and I love that Nic is so heavily involved with the product including the custom bags made. We do a deep dive and nerd out on leather as we explore the various materials Mackenzie uses, and because Nic’s hiring stemmed from some rough times at MacKenzie, Nic’s story is an incredibly unique one and I’m so thrilled to share it. We chat at length about the various struggles and strategies of growing a small business, the role of Instagram, and how hiring help was the hardest, and best, decision he’s ever made. As I’ve said, this was incredibly fun for me, so I hope it is for you as well.
As an added bonus, Nic and I put our heads together for a special made to order golf bag for STANDARD H. NOW AVAILABLE, the hand-crafted, lightweight carry bag style is primarily made from a durable waxed canvas that’s ready for any weather. The bag hosts an 8” opening, a large one-pocket design which holds everything you need and nothing you don’t. On the outside of the pocket you’ll find custom red and white leather racing stripes, whereas on the inside of the pocket you’ll find the same GTI Tartan Plaid used inside the STANDARD H Targa Florio Jacket. The base is a split White and Black leather bottom which features the Shift Logo embroidered large and proud. Think of this carry bag as the vintage 911 you dreamed about as a kid as opposed to a new GT3 RS. There’s certainly a place for both. CLICK HERE for more information and of course photos.