Ep. 98 - Gary Striewski (ESPN SportsCenter Host)

If you’re active on social media and happened to be a sports fanatic, you may be familiar with today’s guest, Gary Striewski. As the host of SportsCenter on SnapChat, Gary is one of my favorite follows simply based on his antics around the ESPN studios and everything surrounding his day to day, including his documented bromances with his co-hosts. Gary knew he’d host SportsCenter ever since the 6th grade when he’d give the school announcements. However, school wasn’t always a smooth sail for Gary as he describes his college experience. We do a deep dive into underrated & GOAT-status anchors from behind the desks there in Bristol followed by an exploration in Gary’s time making $20,000 a year to working at ESPN and what he feels played a role in getting him there. We of course chat watches, which I guess I should add: Gary and I met through former guest VJ Geronimo. We chat about how wonderful the community is and what his first big watch purchase was like. Gary’s also a big F1 fan so of course we touch on his favorite driver and why he enjoys a villain. Then we wrap up chatting about his real estate ventures, which is especially fun for me as it’s something I’ve been looking forward to getting more involved in. Gary has such a wonderful energy and I’m grateful for the conversation as I am with all of the guests, and I’m really looking forward to getting together will him soon. I think you will enjoy this one.