Ep. 100 - Matt Farah (The Smoking Tire)



If you’re an automotive enthusiast, I’m sure you’ve heard of today’s guest Matt Farah. I’m confident in saying his channel The Smoking Tire inspired countless people to make car videos for YouTube, and though he didn’t invent the business model for Car Storage, he’s certainly made a name for himself in the space. It was at his offices within Westside Collector Car Storage where Matt welcomed and hosted me so we could record this episode. The level of hospitality is immediately felt when entering the building, and given the fact Matt’s father held several seats in the C Suites of some of the largest luxury brands on the planet, it doesn’t take long to understand why. We chat about Matt’s upbringing, his cars - both that he owns and those he’s sold. On top of that, Matt’s been a watch collector for the better part of a decade, so of course we explore his relationships within the space of Horology, as well. This was a fun one, and to boot, Matt extended the invitation to use his equipment and film the show! I can’t thank Matt enough for the hospitality and the time, it was truly a pleasure. If you’d like to watch this interview, just click the embedded video above! As always thank you for the support, and I hope you enjoy this episode.