Ep. 101 - James Thompson (Black Badger)

This episode welcomes Black Badger aka James Thompson. You’ve perhaps seen one of the rings he makes - notably a ceramic one worn by McLaren F1 driver, Lando Norris, or maybe you’ve seen an Arconaut, his recently-released watch brand hosting a Fordite dial - those photos are certainly making their rounds around the interwebs. James is one of those people I love to talk to. We met in New York last October, and not only is his sense of humor disarming and a joy to experience, he can get into the weeds with regards to details and his approach to design which is why it was inevitable that I’d want to host him on this show. We get into design, philosophy, and of course the creation of Fordite. Frankly, I feel like we really hit the ground running with this one, and we really didn’t let off the gas, so I wanted to keep this intro short. I really hope you enjoy the episode.