Ep. 99 - Claude Greisler (Armin Strom Watches)

I met today’s guest, Claude Greisler at a dinner party in New York City during WindUp Watch Fair only to realize we shared a few things in common: watches, cars, and an affinity for one former pro free-skier, Jon Olsson. Claude is one of the two men behind the boutique watch brand, Armin Strom, which manufactures only around 250 pieces per year, like their watches, Claude is full of exciting details. Much like the Alps where Claude lives, Armin Strom’s design language is somewhat arresting in the greatest way possible. What I love about Armin Strom is their display of technical prowess often on display on both the dial side and through their case back. As I chat with Claude, I soon realize he has his own technical prowess often on display in the mountains as someone who enjoys all aspects of alpinism. We discuss the ins and outs of the company which coincidentally gained its 30th employee the day we recorded. Further, Armin Strom is among one of the very few companies producing 98% of their movements in-house, which is fascinating, and when it comes to sourcing anything else, rest assured they’re using some of the best in the business. Claude walks us through nearly everything that goes into what ends up on your wrist, and it’s no joke when it comes to his education and technical capabilities as a Watch maker - you know, making tourbillons, minute repeaters, things like that. I loved hearing about how Claude and his business partner Serge took over Armin Strom, hearing his lineage of Watch makers - his grandparents even made stop watches for Heuer! My experience with watches couldn’t be more different from Claude’s, and that’s part of the reason I love this hobby, and hearing how his business has evolved and grown just makes me even more happy in and around the industry. Claude happens to have some incredible cars, and has the stories to back them up, so stay tuned for those, because it’s a healthy portion of this episode which is great.