Ep. 102 - Asher Rapkin (Collective Horology)

Asher Rapkin and I met through a mutual friend in the watch space. Our good friend, Brandon, actually sold me my first IWC, and he’s sold Asher an independent or two from none other than Passion Fine Jewelry. Long story short, Asher and I were connected via text and the conversations started flowing. As an IWC fan, I was immediately obsessed with the C.03 from Collective Horology - Asher’s limited edition collaborative Watch business he co-founded and runs with his childhood best friend, Gabe Reilly. Sadly, I missed out on the C.03 on its release, however I was able to pick one up second hand and I absolutely love it. What I love most about Collective is the fact their designs alongside the wonderful companies and watchmakers with whom they work never feel like Design by Committee even though the results derive from several opinions involved. Asher is from NYC so we spend a fair amount of time discussing his upbringing, his career in marketing at the likes of Mtv & Facebook and a band called Phish. I’m always interested in what Asher has to say, because everything he says is so well-considered and often thought-provoking which makes me feel very fortunate to call him a friend.