Ep. 103 - Jay Novak (Modernica)

Five years ago, I heard about an event called Luftgekuhlt and for its third annual car show, it was held at the Midcentury design manufacturing facility for a brand called Modernica. If you’re an astute follower of architecture, or perhaps more specifically, the fiberglass Eames chairs, you’re probably familiar with the LA-based company. I’ve been a fan for years, in fact, I lucked out and won a chair through a silent auction held by Jonathan Ward at Icon 4x4’s GO Campaign event several years ago. But it wasn’t until this past December when I was getting some holiday shopping done at Modernica’s Los Angeles showroom when I met a gentleman wearing one of the more unique-looking Seiko’s I’d ever seen. Of course I had to ask about it only to later find out I was speaking to today’s guest, Jay Novak, owner of Modernica. Jay is incredibly hospitable and when I politely asked if he’d be interested in being on the podcast, he offered to have me come by the manufacturing plant, show me around & then record. I quickly replied, “Say no more!” And here we are. Jay offers stories from his childhood, the early days of Modernica, the growth of Luftgekuhlt & of course that watch on his wrist. I hope you enjoy this one as I can’t thank Jay enough for his warm welcome and of course for the personal tour. It was truly special.