Ep. 59 - Davide Baroncini (Ghiaia Cashmere)

Today’s guest is a salesman who has sold everything from phone contracts to cashmere. Davide Baroncini is the owner of Ghiaia, a menswear label based in Pasadena, CA but as you can imagine, the road from Italy to California wasn’t a straight shot. And it was for this reason I was delighted to sit down with him to hear him share his story. Ghiaia is producing some of the best sweaters I’ve come across in recent memory and once you hear the labels for which Davide has worked, you’ll soon understand why...Brunello Cucinelli being the standout for sure. I truly enjoyed this conversation due to the absolute exposure of Davide’s passion. You can really hear how important clothing is, and not at all for superficial reasons, rather how it makes one feel and the emotional impact clothing has on and individual. He’s an Italian and a man of style as redundant as that may seem...and he has an affinity for cars and watches making Davide a prime suspect for this show. We’re becoming good friends, so I’m super happy he was willing to take part so & I hope you enjoy it as well.