Ep. 60 - Tim Mosso (Watch Box)

I’ve been a big fan of today’s guest for several years, so I was certainly excited to chat with him. Tim Mosso is one of only a few people I watch online for reviews & news within the world of watches. I’ve always enjoyed his straight-forward delivery, his seemingly encyclopedic knowledge and it helps he and I have other interests in common such as automotive racing and cycling. We talk about how his military service prepared him for his current role as “The Watch Specialist” for Watchbox, and how his first 800 Watch-related videos were shot to differentiate his content from that of blogs such as HODINKEE. Needless to say Tim was onto something, and much, much more. I wanted to get to know the man under the Oakley’s and today you will, too. Tim sure has his hands in more horological cookie jars than one can even imagine, and we get into a healthy amount of car talk. I’m excited to have you hear him share it all.