Ep. 61 - Wei Koh (Revolution / The Rake Magazines)

If you follow STANDARD H, chances are good you also follow Wei Koh. He’s the founder and creator of Revolution Magazine, a magazine exploring the world of watches, and The Rake, a traditional menswear magazine that’s one of only a handful of magazines I subscribe to. Wei has been very open in interviews, so I strived to ask questions I haven’t heard before. Never a disappointment, Wei does a beautiful job combining his signature self-deprecation alongside sincerity which is one of my favorite abilities of his. We talk about drinking, being a late bloomer, and his understanding of how certain people find success. I ask him how he recommends smaller brands reach a larger audience, and his answer is incredibly insightful. We also go into a bit of car talk and how his lack of interest to play golf is what got him into cycling. Watches, cars, and bikes - to say this man has taste would be a drastic understatement. Wei has served as an incredible inspiration to me not only through his business ethics but also by way of his unabashed embrace of being himself. He’s a trend setter and one hell of a writer. Though I had many more questions, Wei was incredibly generous with his time even as we went longer than he’d scheduled.