Ep. 62 - Timothy Hogan (Photographer)

One of my favorite things about doing this podcast is every once in a while, a longtime friend agrees to be a guest and today’s one of those days. I’ve known Timothy Hogan for roughly 11 years, and I feel the level of comfort in recording this episode is abundantly clear. Tim is an incredibly talented photographer, woodworker and one of my favorite people to surf with though it doesn’t happen nearly as often as I’d like. We discuss his journey from growing up in Connecticut where he failed as a middle school saxophone player to leading the charge to relocate to California and convincing several friends to do the same…mainly in the name of surfing. As a result there’s some surf chat and it’s certainly safe to say, there’s a good amount of nerdy photography chat, as well as some good car talk: Volkswagen vans, specifically. We wrap up the episode discussing Tim’s parents including his mom who does CrossFit. It’s always great to spend some time with Tim, and I’m stoked to share a glimpse into his life and our friendship, so I hope you enjoy it.