Ep. 63 - Noah Williams (Public Relations / Menswear Style Influencer)

I met today’s guest - how else these days but through Instagram - where my budding friendship with him came through a series of domino effects from this very podcast. Charlotte, NC-based Noah Williams is a marketer, videographer and influencer with over 100k followers, and deservedly so given his taste in style, let alone his palette for watches, whiskey & wine. We talk about small towns in North Carolina, feeling like an outsider, skateboarding, and how all of those things often lead to an interest in fashion. Noah tells the story of his early days growing his Instagram account and falling deeper and deeper into the world of watches. Now, Noah is one of several contributors to Crown & Caliber, and in turn, Hodinkee, and he’s also a bourbon fan with a new found interest in wine, so we chat about those avenues as well. And the conversation wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t share some automotive stories, and as a fellow GTI owner, we have fun with some car talk including a dicey speeding ticket Noah acquired in Texas