Ep. 82 - Jonathan Segal (Architect & Car Collector)

Jonathan Segal is someone I’ve wanted to interview for years. When STANDARD H launched I had called his firm to see if they would mind me hosting an image of theirs on my website as the home served as an inspiration to the brand. They politely agreed and even though the website no longer hosts that image, this conversation will be present instead. Jonathan has designed some of the most recognizable buildings in and around San Diego. Primarily characterized as Brutalist architecture, his buildings’ façades clad in concrete often house people as well as businesses - labeled as “mixed use” - the approach has been quite popular over the last couple of decades. However, not many are as aesthetically pleasing to me as Jonathan’s creations. A funny thing about Jonathan is there may be several of you listening who already know of him for an entirely different reason, and that’s his incredible car collection. He has shown at the Quail, and has won several awards over the years. When we recorded this conversation, he had driven a ‘73 911 RS in chartreuse to work which looks incredible - so you’ll have to check out the Instagram post for photos. Needless to say we dive into architecture, his cars and even talk watches. I really love the analogy Jonathan comes up with comparing buildings to blue jeans, so I hope you enjoy it.