Ep. 83 - Max Busser (MB&F)

As a watch enthusiast, it's tough not to utterly admire what Max Busser has brought to the industry. Not just his products, but his approach to business and collaboration as a whole. He and I certainly share the mindset of such platitudes of "A rising tide lifts all ships" and knowing it "takes a village" so to speak. And it is his love of community that originally sparked my interest in his company, MB&F (Max Busser & Friends). There's some interesting background on him naming his company, as well. Max's professional journey is fascinating, and though he warned me that he tends to ramble, his talking really only exposed how much about him I didn't already know. He has a wonderful way of articulating why his company is the way it is, and so much so, he often answered questions before I even asked them! I'm proud to share this as I haven't heard Max speak this openly about his company, including the advantage of being scared and welcoming competition. I think you're really going to appreciate what he has to say. When we wrap things up bringing cars into the mix, Max shares his passion for hand-built cars. Though I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, it's also not every day one discusses the likes of TVR Griffiths & Wiesmans. This conversation was such a pleasure to take part in, and I couldn't be thankful for Max and his time. We actually chatted for about 15 minutes after ending the podcast portion where Max asked me questions about STANDARD H - clearly illustrating his openly caring nature. I may be biased, but I feel like the world needs more creative, outside-the-box, thought-provoking business owners who actually care about others and aren't so insular and selfish in their thinking. In other words, more people like Max.