STANDARD H Podcast Nick Roberts Lawrence & Co Public Relations

Ep. 22 - Nick Roberts

Many of you know I’m somewhat of a fashion nerd. Having grown up in the South, clothes were a way to feel as though I could live like those in the...

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STANDARD H Podcast Dan Brunn Architect

Ep. 21 - Dan Brunn

This week’s guest is Dan Brunn - owner and principal of DB Architecture. He’s an accomplished architect, yes, but he’s also a car lover, which beg...

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STANDARD H Podcast Cameron Weiss Watch Company

Ep. 19 - Cameron Weiss

This week’s guest is master watchmaker Cameron Weiss - the man behind Weiss Watch Company based just outside of Los Angeles. His upbringing, educa...

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STANDARD H Podcast Jason McLeod Chef Restaurant

Ep. 18 - Jason McLeod

Episode 18 brings us to Jason McLeod, the executive chef and part owner of Consortium Holdings - a restaurant group based here in San Diego. For t...

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STANDARD H Podcast Cat Varga Brooklyn Vintage

Ep. 17 - Cat Varga

Cat Varga is a jeweler/creator and part owner of Brooklyn Vintage Company - a vintage store located in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. Cat ...

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STANDARD H Podcast Derek Keller 440 Edge of Urge Unlikely Professionals

Ep. 16 - Derek Keller

Welcome back and if this is your first foray, welcome to the STANDARD H Podcast. My first guest for season two is Derek Keller - the founder and c...

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STANDARD H Podcast Josh Herman Ceramics

Ep. 15 - Josh Herman

This week is the last for season one of the STANDARD H Podcast, but stay tuned sooner than later for season two to kick off. With that said, we en...

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STANDARD H Podcast Jake Mueser

Ep. 14 - Jake Mueser

As a guy who has worked in apparel for roughly 20 years and certainly appreciates nice clothes and fine tailoring, there are several accounts I fo...

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STANDARD H Podcast Eric Wind Vintage

Ep. 12 - Eric Wind

The first episode of the STANDARD H Podcast explored a brick and mortar business within the independent watch and fine jewelry world. Today’s gues...

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STANDARD H Podcast Matt Hranek WM Brown Project Magazine

Ep. 11 - Matt Hranek

Matt Hranek’s bio is a lengthy one. To unfairly condense it, I could simply say he’s a photographer, author, producer, and recently launched the m...

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