STANDARD H Podcast Bradley Price Autodromo Watch

Ep. 33 - Bradley Price

Today’s guest is Bradley Price, who has incidentally always been into cars. As the owner/operator of the watch brand Autodromo, he has found what ...

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STANDARD H Podcast Phil Toledano Mister Enthusiast

Ep. 31 - Phil Toledano

Welp, here we are: Season 3! For those with drive, the STANDARD H Podcast is a conversation about the lives of entrepreneurs, and those who’ve bee...

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STANDARD H Podcast Scott Newkirk Tabor Charlotte

Ep. 30 - Scott Newkirk

For the final episode of Season 2 of the STANDARD H Podcast, I sat down with Scott Newkirk who grew up in Mississippi only to find out he’d become...

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STANDARD H Podcast David Weiss Boat Design

Ep. 29 - David Weiss

If you’re one of the many thousands on Instagram following this week’s guest David Weiss, then you’ll already know boat design is this guy’s wheel...

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STANDARD H Podcast Bruce Liles Clothing Studio

Ep. 28 - Bruce Liles

What I enjoy about fashion and moreover Style, is the ability to illustrate a sense of self expression without opening your mouth. From across the...

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STANDARD H Podcast Aaron Levine CLEER Audio Headphones

Ep. 25 - Aaron Levine

Those of you who have listened to the podcast have heard me talk about Cleer Audio’s headphones. They’re incredibly comfortable and their sound qu...

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STANDARD H Podcast Jason Waters

Ep. 24 - Jason Waters

Jason Water isn’t who you think he is. Sitting across from a guy wearing a Misfits t-shirt, with two full sleeves of tattoos and Vans on, most wou...

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